A Curious Homecoming

“Whoa!”  I exclaimed when I walked in the door.  “Why is it so clean?”  The floor was spotless.  Not a single toy was on the ground, and it had clearly been swept and vacuumed.  This was not the way it usually looked when I got home from work.

My son slid sheepishly off his chair where he was eating a snack at the table and sort of slid-crept along the wall towards me in a way that let me know something had happened that he didn’t want to tell me about.

“Mommy,” he said.  “I’m going to show you something in my room, but don’t say anything to me.”  I laughed to myself–his father must have said plenty to him already. He continued inching along the wall until he was across from his bedroom door.

“What is it?”

He pointed towards the ceiling.  I was still taking off my shoes and couldn’t imagine what could have happened to the ceiling.  Did he squirt paint on the ceiling?  Did he make a hole somehow?  What happened?

I rounded the corner to his doorway, so curious, and looked up.  Two naked light bulbs stared down at me from the center of the ceiling where there used to be a glass light fixture. “Uh-oh,” I turned around and looked down at the little boy who had crept over to my side.  “What happened?”

“My friend threw the football and hit the light and it broke, but she’s going to buy a new one.”

My initial feeling was of relief, thankful it was something that was easily fixed and wasn’t going to take up my entire evening to remedy.  I didn’t say anything more to my son, I know my husband had reminded him more than enough that that is why we don’t play ball in the house.

Sure enough, about an hour later our neighbor knocked on the door with a new glass plate for the light fixture. I screwed it into place, and now the only remaining sign of the incident was the unusually clean house.  But that, too, was already starting to fade!


9 thoughts on “A Curious Homecoming

  1. I’m so impressed that the light was purchased so quickly! Lots of lessons involved–they are going to outlast that new light fixture for sure. Plus you got a clean house and a neat slice. Not bad!


  2. The joys of having boys in the house!! We had a lot of things broken, but, I never got the clean house as a result!! Lucky you! Cherish this time with them when they are small. It really doesn’t matter about the things. 🙂


  3. Oh I giggle as I read the first part about the clean house, I know when soemthing is amiss and they want to soften the blow for me. Kids are a joy and a few headaches along the way. The last line helps me see how your house changes as time marches on. “I screwed it into place, and now the only remaining sign of the incident was the unusually clean house. But that, too, was already starting to fade!” Hopefully the cleanliness won’t fade to far.


  4. So sweet. I love that this story starts right when you get home and open the door. Kids really don’t wait for us to unwind at the end of the day, huh?! 😉 Also, your use of dialogue here was spot on and engaging.


  5. I love your comment about knowing that your husband had probably already reminded your son enough about not playing ball in the house. So important to understand when kids are showing us what they did and clearly already know that there is a problem. Thanks for sharing!


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