Daylight Savings Morning

The clock said 8:08 when I opened my eyes this morning-a miracle!  Normally I’m elated when my five-year-old twins sleep past seven.  Plus, I hadn’t changed the clocks the night before for daylight savings, so it was actually 9:08 a.m.  I’m not sure I’ve ever slept past 9:00 since becoming a mother of three!

As usual, they were awake before my eight-year-old son, so the girls picked out some books for me to read to them in bed (my strategy for keeping them quiet while my son and husband sleep longer).

One twin, A, snuggled up to my right arm, while the other, P, put her head on my left shoulder.  As I started to read, a third head nuzzled its way up to my pillow-Waffles, our Christmas puppy.  We had made it partway through our stack of books when I heard footsteps from the room next door.  Moments later C burst into my room, jumped on the bed, and dove under the covers next to his sister.

I smiled as I remembered the bedtime book I read to the girls the night before, “10 in the Bed.” We were half way there!


Better Late Than Never

“Are you doing the March challenge this year?” A coworker asked as I was leaving work last week.

“Yes,” I replied, “but life is a little crazy right now, so I’m going to give myself some grace if I don’t manage to write every day.”  I was thinking I would need that grace later in the month, on a busy day when I just didn’t have time to squeeze writing into my day.  I didn’t think I would need it right away…but I did.

Sunday, March 1st–the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge didn’t even cross my mind.

Monday, March 2nd–I was at my parent’s house, kneeling in front of a stack of books from my childhood and trying to decide which I wanted to keep and which could go in the garage sale pile, when a thought flashed through my mind.  “Yesterday was March 1st and I forgot to write!”  I told myself I would write before bed, but then bedtime came and went without writing.

Tuesday, March 3rd and Wednesday March 4th–I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge, the massive indoor water park resort a few hours away…enough said.

Thursday, March 5th-I stayed home with the kids so that my in-laws, who are over 70, could stay home as advised in our area because of the Corona Virus outbreak.  I though about writing several times during the day, but between playing and chores, it just didn’t happen again

Finally today, I told myself it was going to happen.  So here I am, writing my first slice on March 6th, while my girls color at the table next to me and my dog sleeps on the couch.  My husband and son just walked in the door, ready to tell me all about their days, so I think I got this done just in time!