Everything You Need to Know You Learn in Kindergarten

“Today we get to share our books!  Do you want to sit in the special chair?” My kindergarten-teacher colleague asked her students.  Heads started bobbing around the room.

“Do you want to read into the microphone?”  Hands shot up and faces lit up. “Then come on over so we can get started!”

I’ve spent the last week working alongside my colleague in her kindergarten classroom as they wrapped up the “How-To” writing unit.  Our focus was on conferring, but the students didn’t know that.  They were too busy finishing up their How-To books for today’s celebration.  What I love about my job is that as I work with a teacher and watch him/her grow, I also get to work with his/her students and watch them grow.  It gives me a little bit of the kid-connection that I lost when I transitioned from classroom teacher to literacy coach.

“Everyone will get a turn to share, then I have a blue ribbon for each one of you for working so hard on your writing!” This was more than the kids could handle.  They exploded in clapping, cheers, and exclamations of “YES!”  They settled down to listen as the teacher called the first student up to read.  Each one brought a smile to my face–How to Ride a Bike, How to Make Cupcakes, How to Hula-Hoop, How to Play Pinball.  But my favorite?  How to Wash Your Cat.  Now that’s something you’ll only learn in a kindergarten writing class!


5 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know You Learn in Kindergarten

  1. Loved your voice! Loved the enthusiasm within this writing celebration. I saw myself in your slice — the role of coach provides the opportunity to learn and explore in duplicate — and the time with students is invaluable. Thanks for letting me be part of the celebration. 🙂 I’d love to know more about all the conferring work!


  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself about the benefits of getting to see students grow even when in a coaching position. Thanks for sharing a piece of writing! Love that unit!


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