“Are you excited for summer?” my mom-friend asked me at the park this morning.

I’ve heard that question so many times over the past few weeks.  I’ve heard it every June for the past ten years that I’ve been a teacher.  In past years, my answer to this question has always been a resounding, “YES!”  But this year isn’t like past years.

This year I have THREE small children at home: my 4-year-old son and 18-month-old twin girls.  What the general population doesn’t understand is that, at this stage in my family’s life, it is way more work to be at home than it is to be at work.

At work I have a schedule and a list of things to do, and I actually do them.

At work I am only in charge of keeping myself and my office organized and clean.

At work I get a 30 minute lunch and I get to go to the bathroom by myself.

So am I excited for summer?  Yes, of course I am.  I’m looking forward to playdates at the park, outings to the zoo, and picnics at the beach with my family.

But I’m also pretty sure that come August, I’ll be pretty excited for school to start again!

They Understand More Than You Think!

Baby Girl B is going to be my fashionista.  She has two favorite things to wear, and if she sees them she insists, in her 17-month-old way, that you put them on her.  One is a navy blue T-shirt covered in the front in sparkly pink and red hearts that spell out the word “LOVE.”  The second is a Hawaiian-print romper.  I come home to see her wearing these on top of whatever clothes she already had on when she came across the beloved items.  Baby Girl A usually joins in the fun, since both of these items were gifts from grandparents and that means we have two matching sets, but Baby Girl B is definitely the initiator.

Yesterday the girls were wearing the Hawaiian-print rompers, so this morning they were naturally in the dirty clothes hamper where I put them last night.  Baby Girl B found them in the hamper this morning and came running up to me, dirty romper clutched in her first.

“Ooosh, oosh!” she squealed, delighted at what she had found.  She tried to pull it over her head and then stretched her little arm out to me, asking for help.  “Mama!”

I smiled.  “No, Baby, you wore that yesterday.  We have to wash it.”  She wandered off, surprisingly not upset with me for not putting it on her.  I didn’t think much of it and continued getting breakfast ready.

All of the sudden I heard the water running in the bathroom.  “Who is that?” I said, walking around the corner and peering in the bathroom.  There stood Baby Girl B, on the stool at the sink, holding her precious romper under the running water.

I laughed out loud, totally surprised.  “Wow, Baby!  You really understood me!”  I turned off the water and scooped her up in a big hug.  “But now it’s dirty and wet, so you really can’t wear it.”  I carried her to the bedroom closet, dropping the wet romper back into the hamper on the way to find the sparkly-heart shirt instead.  Good thing she has two favorites!