Rotten Tomatoes

My childhood friend and I were sitting on my patio, watching and listening as our boys played together for the first time.  The first time they met, they were 8 weeks and 4 weeks old.  But since my friend and her husband are teachers in Cambodia, they hadn’t seen each other since then.

Looking at them, I couldn’t help but notice that they are complete opposites of each other.  My son, C: tall for his age, dark brown curls, tanned skin, fearless.  My friend’s son, B: short for his age, blonde, fair skin, and timid.  And yet, they were getting along beautifully.

“Do you want to pick tomatoes?” C asked.  C hates tomatoes, but he loves to pick them for anyone else who wants to eat them.

“Yuck!  Tomatoes are disgusting!” B replied, sticking out his tongue to emphasize his point.

C’s face broke into a look of pure joy; his smile stretched from ear to ear.  “That’s the spirit!” he declared emphatically.  The two of them ran off, laughing together, leaving my friend and I laughing over the exchange.  Where do kids learn these sayings?  It really is amazing!

Do I Really Have a Cold in August?

I stare longingly at the bottle of Nyquil, beckoning me from the medicine cabinet shelf behind the mirror in my bathroom.  I want to twist off the top and down the nasty green liquid that leads to eight hours of blissful sleep, despite the sinus pressure pounding in my head.  But I won’t.  Because the girls still wake up to nurse at night.  And Baby Girl A only has one kidney and I have to be careful about the medicine she ingests.

I sigh and close the cabinet door. You guys better take really good care of me when I’m old, I think to myself.

If I had a dollar for every time those words crossed my mind or mouth, I’d have so much money I wouldn’t need them to take care of me when I’m old!