The Wheels on the Bus

The twins’ favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus.”  It has been for several months now.  My husband and I sing it so often, over and over again, that we probably sing it in our sleep.  To fight the monotony of “round and round, round and round, round and round…” we’ve started making up our own verses about people and things we know from real life, books, and movies.  In addition to the many animal verses the girls love (think: the doggies on the bus go, “woof, woof, woof!”), here are a few of our favorites.


The brother on the bus says, “Let’s play Pokémon! Let’s play Pokémon! Let’s play Pokémon!”

The Grammy on the bus says, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

The Pa on the bus says, “Come and play. Come and play. Come and play.”

The Uncle on the bus says, “Let’s go fishing. Let’s go fishing. Let’s go fishing.”


The Brian on the bus says, “I can sleep anywhere. I can sleep anywhere. I can sleep anywhere.” (Our friend who drives an old VW Bus.)

The Lizzy on the bus says, “I’m a dragon! I’m a dragon! I’m a dragon!” (Created after playing dragons at the park.)

Books & Movies & Pokemon:

The Pikachu on the bus says, “Pika, pika, pika! Pika, pika, pika! Pika, pika, pika!”

The George on the bus says, “I’m so curious. I’m so curious. I’m so curious.”

The Ponyo on the bus says, “I want ham! I want ham! I want ham!”

The Mei on the bus says, “I saw a Totoro. I saw a Totoro. I saw a Totoro.”

And the list goes on and on, on and on, on and on. I really hope the wheels fall off this bus soon, but for now, I keep singing this song again and again, all over town!

Too Quiet

I set my phone down on the kitchen counter, realizing my email had distracted me far longer than I had meant for it to.  It was quiet.  Too quiet.

What are they up to? I wondered as I walked from the kitchen to the living room.  I didn’t want to interfere if they were happily occupying themselves, but experience told me that I’d better go make sure.

Peering around the corner, I saw both girls sitting on opposite ends of the couch, engrossed in their own quiet play.  Awesome, I thought, smiling to myself.  Baby Girl A had the “Baby Beluga” board book on her lap and was singing the song as she flipped through the pages.

Baby Girl B was totally engrossed, head down, trying to put something together.  What is that? I wondered, trying to discern what she was twisting around in her–

“Oh, no, Baby!  That’s yucky!” I exclaimed as soon as I recognized the blue tube in her hand.  She looked up at me, and a huge grin spread across the middle of her Desetin-covered cheeks.  I sprinted across the room and confiscated the now nearly-empty tube of diaper rash cream.

“Mine! Mine!” Baby Girl B protested, reaching frantically to retrieve her treasure.

“No, no, Baby Girl.  That’s yucky!  That’s for our diapers, not for our face!”  The thick white cream was all over her hands, face, and hair.  I picked her up, trying to keep it from getting on me as she wiggled and squirmed to get away, and headed towards the bathroom. “Let’s go wash you up.”

At the word “wash” she stopped trying to escape since playing in the water is one of her other favorite activities.  Unfortunately Desetin is designed to repell liquid, which made clean up much more involved than I would have liked. But Baby Girl B was having so much fun that Baby Girl A abandoned Baby Beluga and came to join us in the bathroom, dragging the second stool over to the sink in order to join in the water “play.”

Twenty minutes later I finally had all of the Desetin cleaned off of Baby Girl B, the bathroom cleaned up from the twins playing in the sink, and new shirts on the twins to replace the ones they soaked in the course of all of our cleaning/playing.  Wow, I thought as we headed off to find something else to play with, that was a lot of work for 5 quiet minutes to read my emails!