Breakfast with Elmo

Baby Girl A has become obsessed with her big brother’s hugging Elmo.  He doesn’t play with it any more, so that isn’t a problem.  Baby Girl B has no interest in Elmo, so that, thankfully, isn’t a problem, either.  The problem is that Elmo is nearly as tall as Baby Girl A and she won’t put him down!

When she toddles around with Elmo locked in a hug, she can’t see anything over his giant red head and bulging plastic eyes.  So, she trips over everything in her path (and in a small house with three young kids, there are a lot of things lying around).  When she trips, she either lands on Elmo or drops him.  This causes the batteries to come ajar because I can’t find the battery cover (I know I put it in a really safe place…) and then Elmo won’t talk, sing, or hug. So she carries him to me, holding him out. “Mama?” she asks.  I push the batteries back in place (I tried putting painters tape over them, it helps a little), hand him back, and off she goes, happy again.

Yesterday morning A was carrying Elmo around while I was getting breakfast ready.  “Time to eat,” I sang, scooping her up and carrying her to her high chair.  “Elmo can sit over here and watch you eat.”

“AHHHHHHH!” A wailed, tears immediately springing to her eyes when I tried to take Elmo away.

“You have to eat breakfast.  There isn’t room for Elmo to sit with you,” I tried to explain, pulling a little harder on the furry red arm.

A was not having it.  I got the fully arched back, crocodile tears, and high pitched screech that I know meant: “There is no way you are going to pry Elmo away from me.”

If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that you have to pick your battles as a parent.  This was not a battle that meant that much to me. “Okay, okay, you can eat with Elmo.”  I buckled them both in, popped the tray on, and handed over her bagel and cream cheese. She immediately stopped crying, picked up the bagel, and began chowing down.

Half-an-hour later I cleaned cream cheese and strawberries of of both her and Elmo. Luckily, Baby Girl didn’t feel the need to eat lunch or dinner with Elmo.  But then it was bedtime…



3 thoughts on “Breakfast with Elmo

  1. I love this line, ” I got the fully arched back, crocodile tears, and high pitched screech that I know meant: “There is no way you are going to pry Elmo away from me.'” One day you’ll miss the unusual dinner guests of plushness!


  2. So cute. You have such a way with descriptions! I second the above quote for being very powerful. Today you also wove in a little parenting tidbit or moral of the story, which was fun to hear.


  3. Another slice that put a bright smile on my face. I enjoyed the part about picking your battles as well as the description of the post-breakfast clean up. Such voice through it all.


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