Big Shoes

IMG_0917I noticed Little Girl A break away from playing with her brother and sister.  I could see she had something on her mind, and, curious, watched as she slipped into my closet. She emerged with my ankle boots in hand, put them down, and slid her three-year-old feet into my size 9 boots.  She smiled at her reflection in the full-length mirror before shuffling off to rejoin her siblings.

A few minutes later she was back, barefoot, and slipped into the closet once again. This time she came out carrying my old black Mary-Janes, put them on, checked her reflection, and left.

Not much later her bare feet padded back into the closet, but this time she retreated empty handed.  “Where are the big brown boots?” she inquired, looking worried.

“Oh, they’re by the front door because I wore them today,” I reassured her.

A ran to the front door and found what she was looking for.  Through my bedroom door I watched her step into my boots and zip them up over her knees.  Then, happy as could be, she clomped off to play once again.

I smiled to myself, thinking about how much her big brother used to love to wear his grandpa’s shoes around the house when he was a toddler.  There are many things about toddlerhood that I will not miss, but I will be sad when there are no more little kids in big shoes clomping around my home.

6 thoughts on “Big Shoes

  1. This slice reminded me of myself when I was little. My godmother always had such awesome shoes and I remember spending a lot of time trying on her shoes and walking around in them while I played. Thank you for inspiring a trip down memory lane for me!


  2. Your post reminded me of myself when I was little:) My godmother had the best collection of shoes and I loved to put them on while I played. Thank you for inspiring my trip down memory lane!


  3. Very sweet! My little niece likes to put little plastic toy cups on her feet and walk around in them, like they’re shoes! I guess she hasn’t yet realized she can just wear big kid/adult shoes instead!


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