Headed South

How did the day start out so great and then head south so suddenly?  I wish I could forget, but it’s still so fresh in my mind…

A) I tried to go to Fleurt, a local florist and gift shop where my husband gave me a gift card for my birthday.  I was so excited to spend half and hour alone in the tiny shop, but when I got there, the sign on the door told me it is closed on Mondays.

B) I went down the street to the kids consignment shop that is sadly going out of business.  The owner was there, and when I asked her why she was closing, she told me the culture has changed and most people are ordering things online.  Her clientele dropped off pretty suddenly and she just couldn’t stay ahead.

C) The twins woke up from their naps with fevers.  They’ve had runny noses for a few days, and were coughing this morning, but now they are full-blown sick.  That means clinging to  mommy and fussy all night.

D) My five-year-old son had a complete meltdown over the fact that he didn’t get to play Zelda on his cousin’s phone before she left our house.  I’m talking all-out rage, directed towards his father because his dad took them all to ice cream and therefore “wasted” his game-playing time.

E) My husband was totally grumpy as a result of both C and D.

Luckily, there is always another day to go to Fleurt.  The end of another local business has strengthened my resolve to shop locally.  The girls perked up with the help of Children’s Tylenol.  My son and I practiced ways to calm down by taking deep breaths in between reading books.  And my husband…well, he’s still grumpy because he thinks he is getting sick.  But turning around 4 out of 5 is still pretty good.



4 thoughts on “Headed South

  1. Your ending is a good reminder that nothing lasts forever, especially with kids. Hopefully you and your twins (and your husband) get to rest well tonight! I like the format and the ending!


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