My son was all smiles this afternoon when I got home.  His kindergarten teacher just started an “Author’s as Mentors” writing unit with a focus on Mo Willems, and Buddy Boy was brimming with the new things he learned about the author.

“Where is Knuffle Bunny?” He suddenly exclaimed.  “I have to show you something!”

Knowing Knuffle Bunny is a favorite of his younger twin sisters, he shot across the living room and dug through their book bin under the entry-way bench.  “I can’t find it!” He cried, coming up empty handed.

“It’s downstairs, then.  Go look while I start dinner,” I told him, pulling vegetables and chicken out of the fridge.  I finished peeling the carrots and had started to chop them when Buddy Boy returned up the stairs with a well-loved copy of Knuffle Bunny in his hand.

“You know Mo Willems writes the Pidgeon books, right?” He asked me.  I nodded.  “Well, look at this!”

He turned the book around to show me the page where the family is running through the park, his finger pointing to one of the other people in the foreground of the picture.  “Look at this!  He snooked the pigeon into the book!” The look on his face was pure delight.

“He what?” I asked, looking at the picture again.

“He snooked the pigeon into the book.  Isn’t that funny!”  His smile stretched from ear to ear.  “You know what?  He snooks him into ALL of his books!”

Sure enough, there was the Pidgeon on the park-goer’s t-shirt.  I smiled both at my son’s enthusiasm for his new-found favorite author and at his invented vocabulary.  “Wow, Buddy, that is really cool!  We’ve read that book tons of times, and I never even noticed.”

Buddy Boy carried Knuffle Bunny into the living room while I finished up dinner, my heart full as I thought about how grateful I am that all of my kids love books.  As we sat down to eat, I couldn’t help myself.  “Hey, Buddy, what did you say Mo Willems did with the Pidgeon in his books?”

“He snooked him in!”

I laughed out loud.  Snooked.  I like it!

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