Not Easier, But More Fun

The kids and I spent the evening at the park.  While my son played in the sand box with a friend, making “popcorn, macaroni, strawberry & mango stew” out of dirt, I was following the baby girls around.   Now that they are confident walkers and climbers, the park is a very exciting place.

First, they wanted to swing.

Then they wanted to slide.

Then they both tried to fit in the Cozy Coup at the same time (didn’t work).

Baby Girl B discovered a ball, so Baby Girl A found one, too.  They both tried to join in the big kids’ soccer game.

Finally, they wanted to climb up the big toy.

The girls had a blast.  They giggled, smiled, and laughed all evening.  All this playing is no problem when it’s one-on-one.  But when the ratio is one-to-two (or really, one-to-three, but I’ll admit my son wasn’t getting much supervision) it gets more complicated.  By the time we loaded up the stroller to head home, I was exhausted.

As I pushed the stroller up the hill, my son on his bike next to us, I was thinking about a recent exchange between my husband and I and a friend.

“Is life getting easier?” our friend asked.

“Not easier, but more fun,” my husband responded.

He got it right on.  Life with three kids, two of them twins, is still hard.  But it’s definitely getting to be more fun.


3 thoughts on “Not Easier, But More Fun

  1. Definitely more fun, and it will keep on I bet. I take just two granddaughters (4 & 6) to the park, & that’s very fun, but I do have to watch, and sometimes help. With young twins, I don’t know what I’d do. Fun to hear about this.


  2. I can only imagine the strain of being outnumbered by shorter, less-mature needy beings three to one! I was exhausted with my two who were five years apart. It is fun…but I hope mama got some rest after the park time!


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