Bathroom Breaks

I stopped by the bathroom on the way to my meeting with the first grade team this afternoon.  While we waited for everyone to arrive, I wondered aloud, “Why can I go until 2:00 without using the bathroom when I’m at school, but I could never go that long when I’m at home?”

“Do you drink more water at home?” one teacher asked.

“I actually think I drink more water here at school,” I responded.

“Maybe you go to the bathroom at home because it’s the only time you get some privacy,” another teacher suggested.

My mind flashed to yesterday when I went to the bathroom and closed the door.  Not ten seconds later, Baby Girl A was crying at the door, soon to be joined by Baby Girl B trying unsuccessfully to turn the doorknob.  My son, thinking he was being very helpful, came to let them in.  And then decided to come in himself.  And that is how my “private” moment turned into four people in the bathroom (one of them on my lap) singing songs.

I gave a little laugh.  “Nope, that’s definitely not it.  No privacy at home.  I think I just get busy when I’m at school and don’t think about it.”  The rest of the team arrived and we got started analyzing writing data.  But now, whenever I pass the bathroom at school, I smile.


9 thoughts on “Bathroom Breaks

  1. The WORST! once–just once–and just a few months ago one of my three children knocked at the door before barging in. I nearly threw a party to celebrate this achievement. They are so unaware of privacy, but perhaps it’s a little my fault–shutting the door sometimes takes too long and when I’ve waited too long to go because I have too many things to do, I no longer have those few seconds!! Cut little slice!


  2. We are busier at school that time would pass without even noticing the need for bathroom breaks. The minute I set foot at home, I run to the bathroom! Then, that’s the only time I realized that I haven’t gone at school at all.


  3. So true! Each time I went back to teaching after being at home with my babies I noticed that parts of the day felt like a vacation… Bathroom breaks were one of them. Sure it was a stall in the 6th grade bathroom… but nobody cried at the door, nobody sat on my lap! And lunch was the other— Sure it was only a 30 minute duty free lunch… but I didn’t have to make lunch for anyone, clean up flung food, etc. etc. etc. 🙂


  4. You’ve made me remember when my kids were little & I locked the bathroom door so I could have a private moment to take a bath. They would get down on the floor & plead with me to open up, sometimes sticking their little hands under so I could see the fingers. So funny about the bathroom at school. I’m not sure we think about it.


  5. So true! Though in retrospect, the invasion of privacy was sometimes okay, knowing that they were within eyesight when I was the only adult in the house. And I do have to say that one of the first things I noticed when I got my library job was the bathroom that came with the library–heaven!


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