Depending on When You Met Me

I’m joining the Slicer Party hosted by Leigh Ann. To join the party, you have to bring ID modeled after the mentor text below. I came to this party by way of Donnetta‘s post, so maybe you could say I’m her date. Although we’ve never actually met, so it’s more like a blind date. Anyways, here’s my ID to join the party.

“Depending On When You Met Me” by Devon Gundry, Soul Pancake

Depending on when you met me, I might have been: a checker’s champion, the kid who squirted Super Glue in his eye, a competitive Ping-Pong player, Tweedle Dum, a high school valedictorian, a fake blond, 1/12 of an all-male a capella group, a graduate of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering, a nomad, a street musician, or a pigeon assassin.

“Depending On When You Met Me” by Shawnda

Depending on when you met me, I might have been: a newborn at the Chickasaw Indian Hospital, a beach babe in Southern California, a 4-Her raising livestock in the Rocky Mountains, a horseback rider, a high-school drama nerd, a Spanish & Sociology major at the University of Denver, a newlywed first year teacher, an ELL specialist, an avid traveler through Latin America, an overwhelmed mom to newborn twins and a toddler, a literacy coach, an optimist.

9 thoughts on “Depending on When You Met Me

  1. It’s so fun to read these. Everyone gives a glimpse of our fellow bloggers that we do not know. Chickasaw Indian Hospital? Is that In Oklahoma? I salute you – newborn twins and a toddler and an optimist to boot!


  2. Thank you for joining the party! Oh my, the mother of twins AND a toddler! I bow to you and understand why you would be overwhelmed. How in the world would you find time to blog?

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