Search “5 Minute Crafts” on YouTube and you will come up with an endless supply of videos that will teach you every hack, trick, and project you never possibly needed to know. These shows are among my 7-year-old twins favorite things to watch, and they are constantly trying out the not-actually-5-minute crafts that catch their fancy. They’ve made popsicles in their Pop-Its, dehydrated toothpaste tabs to take on vacation, and crafted a wide array of accessories for their Barbies.

This morning’s project was no-sew Barbie ball gowns that required some adult supervision (i.e. ironing and fabric scissors). We were nearly an hour into the project by the time supplies were rounded up, fabric was chosen and pressed, measurements and cuts were made, and Barbie was ready to be dressed. I was sitting on the ground, tying the finishing bow on the ribbon belts when A looked down from where she was perched at the table.

“Mom, did you watch 5 Minute Crafts when you were a kid?”

“There wasn’t any 5 Minute Crafts when I was a kid. There wasn’t YouTube when I was a kid,” I responded.

Four wide eyes stared down at me as they contemplated what life might be like without YouTube.

A’s voice was hesitant, but gentle, when she spoke again. It was the voice a parent might use when asking a child about a scary dream, worried that the question might upset the child. “But, did you still, uh, did you still have fun when you were a kid?”

A moment of silence hung thick in the air as the question registered in my brain. I looked up from the Barbie and smiled at their worried expressions. “Of course I did!” I laughed. “Do you think you can’t have fun without YouTube?”

P shrugged. “I don’t know…” she giggled, ducking her head as she smiled.

Kids these days!

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