Chocolate Zucchini Cake

When I pulled open the freezer, I noticed that I still had a bag of frozen grated zucchini in there from the end of last summer. So I pulled it out to thaw with a certain chocolate cake in mind. I got the recipe from my best friend, who got it from her mom. It’s called “Chocolate Zucchini Cake,” and I guess because it has zucchini in it, I feel like it’s better for you than just a regular old chocolate cake. Sometimes I take the deception even farther, leaving it unfrosted and calling it “Chocolate Zucchini Bread.” Kind of like those chocolate “muffins” from Costco. Let’s be honest, they are really giant chocolate cupcakes, but since they come in a packages next to blueberry muffins we call them muffins and think it’s okay to serve them at breakfast.

Tonight we ate our chocolate zucchini cake my favorite way, without frosting and topped with vanilla ice cream.

“What’s the cake for?” my husband asked as I was mixing it up.

“It just sounded good,” I replied.

It was better than good. It was delicious!

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