Dear Couch

Dear Couch,

I know you’ve seen better days, but I’m not ready to give up on you yet! You’re not even that old – what, about seven and a half years old? We bought you brand new when we moved into our house, and you’ve been here with us through good times and bad.

You’ve comfortably hosted countless family and friends who came to visit or over for dinner.

You graciously transformed into a bed for my mom to sleep on when she came to help us when the twins were born.

Your arm was what tripped my jumping 3-year-old, sending him crashing to the floor head-first and rendering him unconscious with a concussion.

You served as a perfect perch for baby twins to gaze out the picture window – “Baby TV” we called it.

You make a cozy dog bed for a puppy we weren’t going to let get on the furniture.

Unfortunately, all that love has left your cushions all out of shape. The backing is stretched and some stitching is coming undone. But like I said, I’m not ready to give up on you yet. So I spent today stitching you up in hopes of keeping you with us for a few more years, until the kids and the puppy get a little older. Please hang in there!


Your Family

One thought on “Dear Couch

  1. Love the picture — reminds me of the stuffed against a living room window that my cat sits on the back of to look out the window. A few years back, a grad school friend visited and was somewhat taken aback when I told he couldn’t put his stuff on that chair because it the cat’s chair. ChairCat (because she’s not a man or person) Mao.

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