What to Write About Today…

“It’s what time?” I asked the kids when we got home from walking Waffles. “It’s already 8:20?”

I hadn’t taken my phone with me and the battery on my watch recently died, so I had no idea that we’d been out for over an hour. It had still been light when we left, so I didn’t feel like it was that late. Thanks for the deception, Daylight Savings!

The kids made suggestions of what I could write about today:

  • Waffles stepped on a pile of blackberry branches and got a thorn stuck in his paw.
  • I took over teaching my daughters’ kindergarten class when their teacher got kicked off of Microsoft Teams and couldn’t get back into the meeting.
  • USPS says that my package was delivered Saturday night to my mailbox, but it wasn’t in my mailbox, so I checked with all my neighbors. No luck.
  • We’ve started playing games or reading books during dinner. Tonight we read four Berenstein Bears books from my childhood collection.

I couldn’t decide what to write about, so I wrote about them all.

4 thoughts on “What to Write About Today…

  1. I was trying to figure out if Walking Waffles was a restaurant or a gym and then I realized it was your dog’s name! I’ll blame that misunderstanding on the fact that Walking was in all caps as the first sentence of your slice.The “where is the package they said they delivered?” game gets played at our house too. I used to let my own kids read during dinner when they got older and dad wasn’t home. It was a special treat.

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  2. I am all for writing lists when not sure what to write. Sorry for the thorn in the dog’s paw. I feel for the kindergarten teacher and I am glad you were there to take over. I hope you find your package. Reading books during dinner – what a lovely idea!

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