In One End and Out the Other

“Dear Jesus, please let bunny come out today,” I overheard one of my 6-year-old twins praying earnestly through the bathroom door.

Before we had a dog, all three of my children frequently left their toys laying around the house. But now that we have a dog, the floors are clear of toys…because if a toy is within reach, Waffles will eat it. I encourage them to play in their rooms or in the basement, but the girls prefer to play at the table. Even that, however, isn’t always safe.

CLINK! The tiny sound of a Lego hitting the hardwood floor immediately puts everyone in motion. Waffles sprints over, the girls drop out of their chairs, and I come running-a spur of the moment race to see who can get to the brick first. Last night, it was Lego Bunny who took the great fall. And the winner was…Waffles!

“Get a treat!” the girls screamed. “Mom! Bunny! Get a treat!”

I grabbed a dog biscuit from the bowl and thrust it directly in front of Waffles’ nose. “Drop!” Usually, when faced with the choice between a treat and a plastic toy, Waffles opens his mouth and drops the toy. “Drop!” I repeated.

Waffles looked at me with big puppy eyes and I knew-he had already swallowed it.

The girls took the news well. “It will come out the other end,” they assured me. And sure enough, with a little prayer and patience, it did!

3 thoughts on “In One End and Out the Other

  1. Apparently, Legos come out the other end better than some other toys. When our dog was younger, she chewed up and ate part of a dog toy, which then got lodged in her intestines. She had to have surgery to have it removed. I’m glad your dog and your family didn’t have to go through that! ~JudyK 🙂

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