A few weeks ago I entered the Fecal Fest lottery a Zoo.  About a week later I received an email in my inbox—Subject: Congratulations, you’ve won ZooDoo!

“Is today the day we get the zoo poop?” my four-year-old twins have been asking me ever since.  Finally, today I was able to answer them, “Yes!”

My dad cleaned out the back seat of his truck so the girls could come with us.  They climbed in the back seats and were all smiles, giggles, and songs all the way to the zoo.

The signs led us around to the back of the zoo, through a gate that was normally closed to the public, to an open area with piles of bedspread and compost: ZooDoo!  I checked in and we backed the truck up to a new pile of bedspread mulch.  With our shovels in hand, including mini-shovels for the girls, we climbed on top the steaming mountain and began shoveling the ZooDoo into the truck.  I leaned down to inspect the coveted material and felt the heat rising off of it.  It was thick, dark, and full of worms.  My garden was going to be so happy!

Many hands makes light work, and in no time at all the bed of the truck was full. When we got home, my son, C, jumped up into the bed to help shovel it out.  “What kind of poop is it?” he asked.

“Zebra, hippo, and giraffe they said,” I told him.  My dad and C got it all out of the truck and now it’s a mini-mountain in the garden bed in my front yard, just waiting for me to spread it all around.  Just looking at it makes me excited.  After four years of neglect (basically since my twins were born and I’ve had no spare time), this year my garden is going to look good.  And it’s all starting with ZooDoo!

One thought on “ZooDoo

  1. Wow, that’s a new one, hope your garden grows amazingly with all that extra fertiliser. So good that the whole family could help and enjoy themselves at the same time! I have twin daughters, now grown up, you will get more time eventually!!

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