“I’m ready to take a bath,” A told me, then turned to her four-year-old twin.  “P, are you read?” P nodded in agreement.

I looked down at my watch.  7:15.  The girls had gone to bed late the night before and had been cranky all evening.  I wanted them in bed by 8:00, and if they got in the bathtub now, I knew that wouldn’t happen.  But I needed a shower, too, and I knew a compromise that would make everyone happy.

“It’s too late to take a bath,” I said, then before anyone could complain added, “but you can take a bath with Mommy.  How’s that sound?”

”Great!” P squealed in delight. “A, what toy do you want to bring?”

Five minutes later I stepped into the steamy stream of water, carefully finding a place to stand amongst the two little girls, two mini muffin pans, three My Little Ponies, two water bottles, tea pot, tea cups, and rubber crocodile covering the floor of the tub.  Rub-a-dub-dub, three in the tub, I smiled to myself, knowing these crowded showers won’t last forever, but enjoying them while they do.

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