C finished his breakfast and I handed him a cup of water.  He took a drink, holding the water in his mouth until I pressed the tiny yellow pill to his lips.  He sucked it in, his face twisting into a look of concentration as he swallowed it all down.  Same routine for the past three months.  Same routine routine for the rest of his childhood?

In November, C was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- combined presentation, which means he exhibits symptoms in all three areas of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness.  The previous summer was heart wrenching as I watched my sweet son retreat into a shell of anger that was a front for his frustrations and disappointment.  I knew I needed help, WE needed help, for C find the confidence had lost in himself.  I knew he was a loving, creative, brilliant boy; I wanted him to know it, too.

Like most parents, I was a little worried to turn to medication.  What about the side effects?  What about the long-term effects?  The first few months were a lot of trial and error to find just the right thing.  But I knew from the beginning that we had made the right choice.  His confidence at school immediately shot up, bringing with it not only academic success, but also stronger social connections and new friendships.  At home I saw small differences, little things like staying at the table during dinner and tolerating longer car rides without going crazy.  Sometime around February, though, I realized that the differences weren’t small any more.  They were tremendous.  Playing more than fighting with his younger sisters.  Reading voluntarily at home.  The ability to recover from disappointment and calm down when upset.  Smiles and laughter.  My amazing son has found himself again.

My son’s favorite author is Dav Pilkey, especially the Dog Man series.  One of the characters in Dog Man is 80-HD, a supa-robot who helps Dog Man and Li’l Peter save the world.  Whenever we read Dog Man, I think about C.  My Supa-Son who I love with my whole heart.


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