When I write I like to munch.  It’s a habit that goes back to my paper-writing days as an undergrad at the University of Denver.  Before I would begin to work on a paper, I’d make a trip to the C-store on the first floor of the dorms to stock up on snacks to keep me motivated while I wrote.  Then I’d sit down at my computer, notes on one side of my desk, snacks on the other, and get to work.

The munching habit continued years later when I was taking classes for my ELL endorsement, and years after that when I was writing the entries for my National Board Certification.  And it has followed me in recent years into the month of March when I sit down daily to write for the Slice of Life Story Challenge.

Tonight, I couldn’t decide what to write about, but as I stared at my blank screen, the munchies began to call.

I could write about the girls’ ballet class, I thought as I nibbled on the last few cumbles of jerky in the bag.  Watching four-year-olds do ballet was more like watching the teacher try to herd kittens wearing tutus.

How about making a make-shift bandaid out of a Kleenex and hair-tie for C during his Cub Scout meeting at the beach tonight? I wondered as I gobbled up some crackers.

It was good to spend time with my nieces before they head home, I pondered as a possible topic while I grazed over the dinner leftovers that still needed to be put away.

I’m so glad everyone is healthy again after nine days of flu in our house! I considered as I looked in the cabinets for something sweet.  What I really wanted was dessert.  But I couldn’t find anything easy to munch on while typing. So I told myself that as soon as I finished my slice I could have something sweet.

And now I have, so I will.

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