0 for 4

I arrived at school this morning excited for a day full of coaching.  After assessments in January followed by snow and data days in February, I was looking forward to getting back to what I truly love about being an instructional coach: coaching!  But today, it turned out, I totally struck out.

First I went to check in with my 3rd grade teacher.  When I walked into her room, I noticed she was writing names on paper bag lunches.  “I’m so sorry, I totally forgot we have a field trip today!” she said, giving me an apologetic look.

0 for 1

On my way back to my office I passed my 4th grade teacher on his way to pick up his kids.  “I’m excited to come to your classroom today!” I told him.

“Oh, yeah, actually, we’re just finishing up our on-demand assessment today.  But I can still meet after school,” he informed me.

0 for 2

Next I noticed in the daily bulletin that my kindergarten teacher had an afternoon sub.  I stopped by her room to see if she wanted to reschedule our planning meeting. “I’m so sorry, I totally forgot, but I have bronchitis.  I just came to do testing this morning.  Can we meet next week to plan?”

0 for 3

Finally at 2:15 I went to my second grade teacher’s room to observe her science lesson, but when I peered in through the window I observed that all the students were independently reading.  “I can’t do my science lesson today because our plants haven’t started to grow yet.  Can you come tomorrow instead?”

0 for 4

Good thing there is tomorrow!  In the words of Babe Ruth, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

3 thoughts on “0 for 4

  1. I love your writing style… how you capture the conversations without us feeling too depressed about going 0/4 but keep your spirits up. Tomorrow, you might not hit a homerun, but I bet it will be better!

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