When Kindergarteners Write

This morning my calendar was blocked out to grade kindergarten information writing pieces for one of our teachers who is on sick leave.  Normally, grading on-demand writing assessments is not something I look forward to.  But when kindergarteners write, it’s usually pretty entertaining.

The first piece that caught my eye was this one. IMG_0703“All About Recess Disasters” for those of you not fluent in reading kindergarten writing (it is a special skill primary teachers possess).  As you can see from the illustration, recess is a very dangerous place, full of blood, tears and liars, as depicted in this next picture: IMG_0706 Who knew?

The highlight of my reading, though, had to be this piece: IMG_0704Yes, you read that right, “All About Loins.”  Such a mature topic for kindergarten!  This eloquent and articulate information book taught me that loins have paws, legs, ears, and eyes.  And then, using a sophisticated craft move, the author saved the best fact for last: “Loins have fur.” IMG_0707I had no idea I would have such an educational morning!



9 thoughts on “When Kindergarteners Write

  1. Oh my goodness….thanks for the laughs! I love this! It probably takes you longer to grade writing than me….trying to figure out what they are saying…LOL.

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  2. I loved getting to see the kindergarten examples! I loved reading them when I volunteered in my son’s kinder class last year, and miss seeing them this year. However, the first grade informational writing is pretty darn funny too. I bet recess dangers and disasters are much on the minds of kindergarteners too. It’s a tough world out there on the blacktop!

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