No Need Jacket!

“No need jacket,” Baby Girl B declared.  My two-year-old twins and I were heading out the door to see a friend who lives just a few blocks away.  Although the sun was shining, there was a cold breeze blowing and jackets were necessary.

“Yes, we need our jackets,” I said as I helped Baby Girl A into hers and zipped it up.  Turning back to B, I held up two options.  “Do you want your purple jacket or your rain coat?”

“No need jacket!” B insisted, dodging out of my reach.

I quickly caught her and plopped her down in my lap, intending to put her jacket while I distracted her. “We’re going to see Mommy’s friend.  She has a new baby! The baby might be sleeping.  Shhhhh!  We’ll have to be quiet,” I told the girls while I pulled one sleeve on.  I thought it was working, then all of the sudden…

“NO NEED JACKET!” B yelled, twisting away and ripping the jacket off.

Hmmmm, what to try next? I thought. “OK, B, your sister and I are leaving.  If you don’t wear your jacket you have to stay here.”  I opened the front door, let A out and blocked B from learning.  “Good bye!  We’re going because we have our jackets.”

I closed the door and B immediately started to howl.  I waited a few seconds, my hand still on the doorknob, then opened the door.  “Are you ready for your jacket?”

“No need jacket,” B glared at me grumpily.

I checked the time on my phone. This was taking way too much time. “Yes, you need a jacket.  No more playing,” I let her know as I grabbed the jacket from the floor and scooped Baby Girl B up in my arms.  We wrestled around for a moment, B putting up a good fight, but I finally got the jacket on and zipped up. There, finally, hopefully that’s that.

“Come on, girls!  I’m going to get my sunglasses out of the car.”  I opened the door and dug my sunglasses out of the glove compartment.  I cleaned the lenses quickly, put them on, and turned around just in time to see…

Baby Girl B unzip her jacket and fling it across the grass with glee.  “No need  jacket!” she laughed, dancing away from me.

I grabbed the discarded jacket and chased B down.  “That’s it!” In a moment of genius, I managed to get the jacket back on B, but this time I put it on backwards and zipped it up her back.  I couldn’t help but smile as she twisted and pulled, trying unsuccessfully to get it off. “Alright, let’s go!” I said, back to my good mood, and headed off down the street.

Baby Girl B quickly forgot about her jacket as she became engaged in our walk, but I couldn’t stop smiling at her backwards jacket and the zipper up her back. It was a small victory, but when you’re outnumbered by two-year-olds, any victory is worth relishing.




3 thoughts on “No Need Jacket!

  1. The best part was the look on her face when you all arrived! It read “I love my mama” and “I flusteredmy mama” at the same time! I zbdolutetly love your last line here.


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