On Dressing Twins the Same

When I found out I was having twins, I promised I would not dress them the same.  But now I know why twins are so often dressed the same.  It’s to save their parents from the almost certain fight that will happen when both twins want to wear the same thing and there is only one of it.

I’ve learned this the hard way as a result of hand-me-downs and consignment stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love both hand-me-downs and consignment stores.  But the problem with both hand-me-downs and consignment stores is that you are almost certainly NOT going to end up with identical outfits for your identical twins.

This week, the culprit wasn’t even clothing.  It was a towel.  Yes, a pink hooded towel given to the twins by my son’s friend Jackie.  They affectionately call it “Jackie Towel,” and it has unaffectionately caused many tears after bath time.  Both girls want it, but only one could have it.  Baby Girl A started saying that she was done and would climb out of the bathtub before I had even washed her hair so that she could claim Jackie Towel for herself.  I tried alternating back and forth between the two girls, but that just meant alternating back and forth between who left bath time in tears.  So yesterday I went to Target and bought another “Jackie Towel.”  It isn’t identical, but it is hooded and has a lot of pink on it.IMG_0697

“Look!”  I told the girls, acting really excited.  “Jackie gave us another towel!  We have a new Jackie Towel!”  I crossed my fingers that they would buy it.

“New Jackie Towel!” Baby Girl B exclaimed happily.  As the better sharer of the two, she was the one who usually surrendered the original Jackie Towel to her sister.

“My Jackie Towel!” Baby Girl A proclaimed.

“Mommy’s going to wash it so that we can use it, ” I told them, happy they bought it.

Tonight, after bath time, I’m happy to report that there were no tears.  Baby Girl A was wrapped up in the new Jackie Towel while Baby Girl B was happily wearing the original Jackie Towel.  Two happy two-year-olds means a happy mom.

I know now why people dress twins the same.  Even though I said I would never dress my twins the same, whenever I buy the girls something new now, I always buy two of the same.  That way everyone is happy!


8 thoughts on “On Dressing Twins the Same

  1. This is a perspective I had not thought of, not having twins of my own. I have twin girls in my classroom this year. They dress identical every single day, down to the hair bows, socks, and shoe ties. I believe that one girl wants to be more independent of her sister, but when she tries, the sister lays a guilt trip on her and she relents. They are 11 years old. When will they be able to show their individual, creative selves through clothes?


    • I certainly hope that my girls aren’t still dressing the same when they are 11! I figure this will last during the toddler and preschool years. I wonder if the twins in your class get any pressure from their parents to keep dressing alike?


  2. I never thought of it like that until you mentioned this. Makes sense. I recently felt like my daughter was getting old too fast before my very eyes and I went out and bought us a mommy and me outfit! We’ll never be able to do it again! Cute story and I like your repetition.


  3. Funny stories – but probably not so funny in the moment :). Creative solution for the Jackie towel! Twins are pretty amazing in their ability to communicate with each other, but I imagine there are some down sides to their intimacy. I love your take-aways!


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