“And how are the children?”

My mother gave me a beautiful birthday present this afternoon.  She took me to the “CommuniTea” fundraiser event of a local non-profit organization that collects and distributes “basics for children in need” (think diapers, clothing, car seats, cribs, etc).  Instead of buying me something that I don’t really need, she made a donation to this amazing organization in my name. IMG_0695

The theme of the event was “And how are the children?” I learned that this is a traditional greeting of the Maasai people, and the standard response is, “The children are well.”  The Maasai community understands that the health of their society can be gaged by the well-being of their children.  Even those without children use this greeting, which to me shows that the Maasai also know that raising healthy and happy children is a shared responsibility of all in their community.

Tonight I pray that my society will adopt this same stance.  There are too many children and families struggling across this nation, in my state and my home city.  All children deserve to have their basic needs met.  All parents deserve the ability to provide for their children’s basic needs.  Only when our children are truly well will we as a community reach our full potential.

Thank you, Mom, for a beautiful afternoon.


6 thoughts on ““And how are the children?”

  1. What a wonderful gift and honour your Mom gave you. Sounds like an amazing organization. I so agree with you about how our children are treated and what is needed. The Masai are definitely an enlightened society.


  2. What a heartwarming gift. Happy birthday! It is so true that how we care for our collective children indicates the health of our community. May your intentions become reality!


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