Augmented Reality

Last weekend I finally broke down and did it. After months of begging and pleading, I downloaded Pokémon Go for my son. After all, EVERYONE else already has it. Plus, I had read up about it online and talked to some friends who play with their kids and decided that it’s not your typical video game that would render Buddy Boy a stationery zombie on the coach, his eyes glued to a screen. We could hop on our bikes and ride all over our neighborhood, hunting for wild Pokémon and hatching magical Poke-eggs.  Augmented Reality, my husband said it’s called. What doesn’t sound fun about that?

After their first 2-hour hunt, my son came home exhilarated over his catch, jumping up and down to show me all the Pokémon now registered to his Pokedex.

“So…?” I asked my husband. “How was it?”IMG_0692

“It’s actually a lot of fun!” He replied. “And it’s a great way to get a good bike ride in. We rode all over, up some really steep hills, and he just flew right up them.”

We laid down some ground rules about when we could play: weekends only. During the week, he could look at his Pokedex at home, but we wouldn’t be going on any Pokémon hunts on school nights. Last night, while checking his Pokedex and Pokepack, Buddy Boy discovered that he only had 8 Pokeballs left. You’d have thought the world was about to end…

“Can we please go to a Pokestop? Please? What if I run out and a Pokémon comes to our house? Please!”

“We can’t go now, it’s almost bedtime. But I am going downtown for a conference tomorrow and I know there are a lot of Pokestops downtown and at the bus stop, so I will get some more Pokeballs for you tomorrow,” I promised.

So here I am, on the bus, shielding my phone away from the other passengers so that they can’t see that I, a grown and educated woman, is playing Pokémon Go. If anyone asks, it’s for my son.  But, if they ask again, I might admit that I’m having fun.

Oh, got to go! A wild Swinub just appeared!



5 thoughts on “Augmented Reality

  1. Pokemon Go is happening with my adult children in the home! It amazes me how they can drive around at night until 10 or 11 p.m. just to play the game! It is great you have something you can do with your boy that is FUN for you both.


  2. Oh, Pokemon Go! It’s true, though, you would seriously think the world was ending sometimes. How great it is to be little and have the energy to sweat about stuff like that! Good luck poke-hunting! 😉


  3. Ah, the video game craze is probably somewhat unavoidable. I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds like a fun way to get out and about! I think there are a lot of adults who play too. One time I was looking at my Maps app when I was trying to walk somewhere downtown and a guy yelled at me to stop playing Pokemon Go and pay attention (I wasn’t doing anything that would endanger myself or others, so I just thought it was funny).


  4. Ha! I haven’t experienced it yet. Your descriptions are amazing. Especially the last paragraph. Your word choice of augmented reality seems so technical and official and adds to this piece. I’m impressed your son was able to ride up the hills!


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