My Turn!

“My turn!”

Every night it’s the same.  I put on a bedtime video for the girls to watch while I change their diapers, lather them up in lotion, and finally put on their pajamas.  Once we’re all ready for bed, I tell them, “Time for night-night!”

Baby Girl A scrambles off the couch as quickly as she can, determined and on a mission.  She is the more assertive twin, very opinionated and certain that her way is the best way.  She also doesn’t back down.  She crosses the room to the television and puts her thumb on the little red light in the bottom right corner, turning it off and plunging the basement into darkness.

“My turn!”

Baby Girl B is more flexible.  She doesn’t usually mind letting her sister go first, knowing that Mom is going to make sure her turn comes eventually.  She’s quicker to share and loves to be Mommy’s helper.  So every night, after Baby Girl A turns off the TV, I turn it back on so that Baby Girl B can also turn it off, too.  She places her finger on the little red light in the bottom right corner and once again the basement is dark.

And then we head to bed, everyone happy.

4 thoughts on “My Turn!

  1. I have a 2 and 4 year old and am often amazed at the little things that matter so much… like turning off the tv. We have similar situations at home and sometimes meltdowns over who gets to do what minor task.


  2. lovely framing, with your patience for doing things twice (and baby girl A’s patience for waiting her turn). i like the detailed (and repeated) description of them putting their little fingers “on the little red light in the bottom right corner”. Good job finding a solution that accommodate everyone’s needs :).


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