I sent my husband a text this afternoon from school listing a few ideas of things he could get started for dinner.  He answered back quickly, unusual for him, saying he was ordering dinner from a local Vietnamese restaurant we like.  His text continued on to say the husband just passed away unexpectedly from cancer, his wife was now running the business alone, working 17 hour days, and taking care of their two elementary-age children.  A Go Fund Me page had been created to help the family cover the funeral costs and keep them ahead in their business.

Later this evening, after dinner was over and the kids were asleep, my husband pulled up the story on the Go Fund Me page.  I read about how over two short months this man was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and passed away.  I read the notes his children wrote of their favorite memories of their dad, tears welling up in my eyes.  And I was reminded that every day is precious.

I’m grateful for every day that I have to spend with my beautiful children, my wonderful husband, and my greater family.

I’m grateful for every day that I have to inspire the next generation through teaching.

I’m grateful for every day that I have to connect with and enjoy my friends.

I’m grateful for every day that I have to soak up the beautiful world that we live in.

I’m grateful for every day that I have.


7 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Wow. Amen,.. and God bless that woman and her children. It takes a village, though. It’s great that you and your husband are mindful of supporting her business and family.


  2. Gratitude is one of the easiest and biggest game changers. Be confident that gratitude is changing your inner landscape too – so good for reducing inflammation!


  3. Such a sad, sad story. I’m really glad that there are people like you and your husband to support the family. And yes, it really does make a person stop and think about all that they have!


  4. I agree with earlier comments that gratitude can be a powerful practice to help open the heart. I hope that the family pulls through okay, and that the mom finds support! Your many acts of kindness have reverberating effects!


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