I wouldn’t consider myself a procrastinator.  But I do work better with a little pressure and a deadline.  I also need to think things through all the way before I start working on the final product.  I’ve known about this presentation tomorrow afternoon for over a month.  I’ve been seriously thinking about it for the past two weeks, rolling the ideas around in my mind to finish them like pieces of glass smoothed by the sea.  Last Friday I had the entire morning blocked out on my calendar to prepare, but I work in an elementary school, so…things happened.

Our school mascot needed a bodyguard at the assembly.

A classroom without a substitute needed coverage.

A PD for that afternoon needed a leader (and some final prepping) since my coaching partner was home with a sick child.

And so here I am, in the middle of the night, finishing up my Google Slides for tomorrow afternoon.  I still need to video a strategy group with some fourth graders in the morning to show in my presentation.  I still need to write out some sentences on sentence strips and copy a chart for that strategy group.  I still need to…

I wouldn’t consider myself a procrastinator.  But I do work better with a little pressure and a deadline.

5 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I am so much like you. I also seem to say yes to more things when I have an actual deadline ahead of me. Can’t say that always works best for me.


  2. Interruptions are just the killer! Surprisingly, I feel more efficient when I have a lot to do at once- it puts that pressure on. Good luck with your presentation and being so helpful to those around you!


  3. I like how you end with the same sentences you began with. Like looking at yourself in the mirror, drifting off into the to do list and then returning your gaze to the mirror. I have also worked best under pressure, but it’s too bad that so many extra little things trickle onto your plate. I’m sure it makes it hard to get stuff done! Your humor and flow make this piece a joy to read.


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