What Is She Thinking?

I wish Baby Girl A could talk.

She actually talks quite a bit for a toddler less than two weeks away from her second birthday.  She talks way more than her older brother did at this age.  And she talks enough to let you know exactly what she wants.

But she doesn’t talk enough to explain why she wants what she wants.  And that is why I wish Baby Girl A could talk more. Because I would love to know why she insists that the Rhino Monster Truck must stay in the fridge.  Every time I take it out, she finds it and clearly tells me to put it back.  But she doesn’t tell me why.  I’ll probably never know.img_0562


3 thoughts on “What Is She Thinking?

  1. Hysterical! They have their reasons, don’t they? My little girl is nearing 4 years old and is a total chatterbox. Just wait….


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