“Are you excited for summer?” my mom-friend asked me at the park this morning.

I’ve heard that question so many times over the past few weeks.  I’ve heard it every June for the past ten years that I’ve been a teacher.  In past years, my answer to this question has always been a resounding, “YES!”  But this year isn’t like past years.

This year I have THREE small children at home: my 4-year-old son and 18-month-old twin girls.  What the general population doesn’t understand is that, at this stage in my family’s life, it is way more work to be at home than it is to be at work.

At work I have a schedule and a list of things to do, and I actually do them.

At work I am only in charge of keeping myself and my office organized and clean.

At work I get a 30 minute lunch and I get to go to the bathroom by myself.

So am I excited for summer?  Yes, of course I am.  I’m looking forward to playdates at the park, outings to the zoo, and picnics at the beach with my family.

But I’m also pretty sure that come August, I’ll be pretty excited for school to start again!


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