Last Day

It’s March 31st-the last day of March!  That means:

  • April Fool’s Eve–very exciting for my four year old son who learned about it from preschool.  He has been “practicing” on his dad and me the whole week.
  • Pay Day–YIPEE!
  • End of the Slice of Life March writing challenge–how do I feel about this?  A mixture of pride, relief, and sadness.
    • Pride because I did it!  I wrote a slice of life story every day for the month of March.
    • Relief because I don’t have to watch the clock and make sure I get my slice done before midnight.
    • Sadness because I really enjoyed this journey!  I think the reason I liked it so much is because for a few minutes every day I did something for me.  I think that’s healthy and much needed as a mom of three.  I plan to continue writing once a week (maybe more often) with the Slice of Life writing community.  And I’m already looking forward to March!

So this might be the last day, but really, it’s just the beginning…



3 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. I am so proud of you for completing the SOLSC!! It is addictive; this is my fourth year, and I know I’ll be doing it again in 2017. I started doing Tuesday slices this past year; it is a great way to keep in touch with the writing community.
    Way to go! Time to celebrate!


  2. Congratulations for finishing the challenge. I love that you enjoyed doing something just for you, and loved hearing all those bits of your days with the kids. The Tuesday community is very fun, and I’m glad you’ll be with us next Tuesday. Carry on!


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