The Airplane Mystery

I will never understand the tastebuds of babes.  The baby girls are, thankfully, very good eaters.  But I never know what they will eat at any given time.  Something they devour and demand more of on Monday turns into something they will not touch on Wednesday.  And when they don’t want something, they make it very clear.  Upon being presented with the undesirable food, they shake their head from side to side or crane their mouth as far away from it as possible.  If you dare put the offensive food on their tray, they will grab it quickly and fling it across the room, as if to say, “Do you get it now? I don’t want that!”

I can understand that, somedays I don’t feel like something that I usually enjoy.  What I don’t understand are the two situations when the detestable food becomes suddenly delectable:

1) The Airplane.  How does flying the food around on the spoon and making buzzing noises change the flavor so much?

2) The Ground.  I never cease to be amazed that when I take them out of their high chairs and set them down, they drop to the floor and begin eating the exact food that minutes before (or sometimes the day before if I didn’t sweep) they sent hurtling down in disgust.

Maybe it’s the rush of air the food experiences while flying on the airplane or sky-diving to the ground that makes it taste so much better?  I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason, it happens.  I think the next time I have cauliflower I’ll give it a try.


4 thoughts on “The Airplane Mystery

  1. This is so true! I have had similar wonderings about taste, yet our kiddo never fell for the airplane trick nor the floor one (if he refused it before). I wonder if it has to do with the fact that we didn’t even start giving him solid foods until he was 9 months old…! I really enjoyed how you used some thought dialogue and also how you structured the last half of the piece.


  2. One of the common mysteries of parenting, still unsolved, I see! I have a teen who still eats the way he did when he was three; when I figure that out, maybe I can help you with the airplane/ floor conundrum, ha! Or maybe I should try the airplane technique with the teen? Hmmmm….. 😉


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