By the Numbers

*Today I’m trying out a structure that I saw another writer in the Slice of Life writing challenge use.  I was thinking of these things as I drove home from work today.

Counting down 10 things I’m thankful for:

10 tulips about to bloom

9 days off for spring break very soon

8 o’clock bedtimes (for the kids)

7 Girl Scout cookies left in the box

6 mile commutes (aka 15 minutes by myself)

5 dollar boquets from the farmer’s market

4 parents & parents-in-law who help us out so much

3 beautiful children

2 days until my birthday

1 amazing husband


4 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. Happy Pre-Birthday! This was wonderful — 1 wonderful husband was my favorite.

    I’m going to borrow the structure, but I can’t steal your last line!! Boo-hoo! Let me see what I can think up. Fun! Thank you!


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