“I’m starting a blog,” I told my husband.


“So that I can be a better writer.  And there is this month-long writing challenge from a blog I follow.”

He just shook his head.  I know he thinks it’s a waste of my time.  I hope he’s wrong. Because time is not something I have to waste these days.

So why am I starting this blog?  Why did the Slice of Life challenge keep creeping back into my thoughts over the past few weeks, even though I keep telling myself I don’t have time to do this?  Honestly, I’m not really sure.  Maybe I really do want to become a better writer.  Or maybe I’ll learn something about myself through the process of writing every day.  Or maybe it will lead me to new opportunities.  I don’t know…hopefully I’ll figure it out.


16 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I like that even though you don’t have all the answers yet, you are willing to jump in and try. This is my first year also! Can’t wait to see where we are as writers @ the end of the month!!
    Beth C


  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about me as a writer recently as well. Good for you for starting a blog, and trying something new – it speaks volumes to you ability to shift mindsets! Good luck!


  3. You will figure it out and you will be glad you did this. My husband doesn’t get it either, and I’ve been playing with this for six years. You will learn so much about yourself and writing by writing every day. Hang in there, support is out there!


  4. Welcome! I look forward to reading your slices this month as you process your reasons for committing to the challenge. I’ll bet you (and your hubby) will be proud as can be when you finish strong March 31!


  5. I think that writing when you don’t have time is when you really start to live the life of a writer. Anyone can do it when they are bored. 🙂 (Well, maybe not everyone!) Good for you for giving it a try.


  6. Your hubby sounds very much like mine! I know it’s hard to find the time even though we really love to do it and want to. I love writing and find that even a blog filled with ramblings can help get it all out. And sometimes, we just need to get it out! Hope you have fun, at least!


  7. Glad you’re joining the challenge. I think you’ll find it’s worth every minute of it. If you want to get better at writing you have to write-even if other people don’t understand. I say go for it!


  8. My husband is neither a writer nor much of a reader, but he has surprised me this year with his support of my writing. He will say “have you written a blog post?” which is helpful when I haven’t, because if he’s thinking of it, I really need to get my butt in gear! Hopefully your hubby will get on board too! Good luck! 🙂


  9. Welcome to slicing!! I hope you love it! I started 3 years ago at the urging of a co-worker without expectations and full of fears…I was so surprised by the rewards. There are hard days for sure, but you will find that what you remember about the month are the amazing moments shared with fellow writer-teachers who are on the same journey you are! Good luck and welcome, again!!!


  10. My hubby had a similar response. I reminded him that he sits around and ties all different kinds of knots to become a better knot-tier – and he understood a little more. Have fun this month!


  11. It’s been my experience that when you are drawn to something, it pays to follow the lead. I’ve been promising myself to “slice” on Tuesdays for a long time, but it never happens. This is my first year, too, and I’m happily anticipating learning and growing with this huge community of writers and teachers. What could be better? I’ll look forward to reading your future posts.


  12. Welcome, Shawnda. Even my principal questions my blogging daily for the month of March, but what I love about March is the love-hate relationship I have with writing, the discipline of writing, and the example it is for students. Forcing myself to find words for myself I find a better understanding of my students. And of course, like you mentioned ultimately of myself. I can tell you that these Slicers are the best people I’ve never met. For me, this is year 5, this is the month of the year that some days I feel like I am a writer.


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